Four Hours

You were active on Facebook four hours ago. 

You reposted pictures of your family four hours ago. 

You gave me ideas when I wanted to do something special for my children. You had a huge heart. 

You offered to have drinks with me in Chinatown when I was having a hard time processing a mother, who had lost custody of her children, killing herself

We nerded out over code together. 

They say you’re gone. 

Active four hours ago. 

Another one gone.

They’re going to blame you for this. That’s not entirely true, is it? The velt chewed you up and spit you up. You wore jeans. How dare you?

Things won’t change. We’ll rally together but they won’t change. We’ll wring our hands and eulogize you but things won’t change. Not unless the velt acknowledges the need to change, too. 

I can’t fucking take this. 

Please not another one. 

Faigy, I’m so sorry. 

Please rewind four hours. 


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