The Problem with Summer


With the weather a little warmer, I bravely ventured out to buy a brand new pair of short shorts. They fit, they do the job of keeping my legs cool, but are decidedly not modest. 

I put them on, barely able to continue wearing them for an hour. Is this a neshoma thing? Or a reluctance to change to something unfamiliar? I want to be comfortable in secular society, but there are things that keep pulling me back to a more frum interpretation of Yiddishkeit. It comes, at least I think, at the expense of my sanity and progress.

What do you think? Frum throwback or something I just need to get over?


One response to “The Problem with Summer

  1. Possibly neither? I also don’t wear short shorts. It’s not a tsnius thing – I just don’t feel comfortable with how I look in them. Not a big fan of my thighs, so they stay mostly hidden.

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